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How To Add Improvements To Your Exhibition Space

As we’ve touched on many times before, exhibiting is an expensive day out, no matter the budget. Improving and developing your stand is going to do the world of good to your brand and will help with ROI.

Improvements can be made to enhance the space and be based on previous feedback and research. If exhibiting hasn’t been done before and you’re unsure on how to make the improvements, read on for our ideas.

Choose a good space

It sounds pretty simple, right? But location is key within an exhibition hall. The plan is to receive coverage and to get yourselves in front of as many new people as possible, so the stand needs to be in an area of the hall that is busy and brings the most traffic.

Be relevant to your brand

Don’t go off on a tangent with a feature that doesn’t represent your brand. Bringing in attractive and enticing features is an innovative idea, but make sure they have some relevance and don’t leave your visitor confused or disappointed.

Make it last

To make your budget go further, design a stand that’s an invest to your brand and will see you through numerous events. A stand which can be adjusted and tweaked to pack a punch on each use will be the right solution.

Promote your attendance

If you’re spending the marketing budget on an amazing stand, it’s important that you have the right crowd there too. Use your social media platforms, emails and telephone conversations to promote your stand, provide your location and invite customers you’d love to meet.

Lead Generation

To receive a ROI, you’ll need to take new customers on board, build new relationships and process new orders. But whilst on the stand you need to be able to capture the information accurately, so that when you’re back in the office you can action each order and make contact with the relevant people.

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